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Feature in AirMail Magazine

To many, a cigar is often just a cigar. You smoke one, offered on, say, a special occasion, and nod your head and say, “Mmm, this is great!”—without knowing a thing about what makes it so. Fortunately for the uninformed, the newly launched brand Mavros has created a cigar so unique that anybody can appreciate its taste and texture. They’re called Revolucionario Especiales and were developed and fine-tuned over several years to mimic the smoke of choice for Mexico’s revolutionary generals back in 1910. The flavor palate—chocolate, spice, caramel, and coffee—is largely sweet but takes a spicy turn once smoked down to the band, at which point it tastes like an entirely different cigar. Go buy yourself a box, light one up, and you’ll be talking like an aficionado, and perhaps a revolucionario too, by the time you tamp it out. (

Alex Oliveira, AirMail

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